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Grading definitions

A = Acceptable

This means that there is possibly damage to the cover, missing pages or bent corners. Any old magazine will most likely show some aging. A vintage Playboy is still vintage.

G = Good

This means that the item is completly intact but may have slight yellowing from age or disolored staples in the case of issues prior to October 1985 (last stapled issue). Vintage Playboys will still go up in value.

VG = Very Good

Just like it sounds. Everything is there. No fading. No creases or marks. It's been read or handled. Looks like the Playboy magazines you use to see sitting on a newsstand.

Like New

This means it is completely flawless. It was taken out of its mailer and added to this collection. I did that to preserve the privacy of who I bought it from. Not being in the orginal mailer is the only reason I can't rightfully say it's 'Brand New'. Still being a vintage Playboy Magazine, this is the absolute BEST condition you can expect.

First Printings

ALL of the old magazines on this site are first printings. When Playboy encountered a hugely popular issue such as March 1980 wth Bo Derek, they would reprint a couple million more copies. First printing is worth something. Mass produced reprints are barely worth their original cover price.

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I also buy vintage Playboys in good condition. Just tell me what you have.