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I buy collections from individuals, estate sales, flea markets and wherever I can find them.  There is no warehouse I can order from so you can see that there is no reliable source for restocking a particular issue. If you see an issue you want to buy I genuinely suggest you buy it. I'm picky about the quality of what I buy so that means I pass on garage kept water damaged issues. I only list the best ones I can find on here.

Now offering complete year boxed sets

We acquired 1100 issues from the 70's and 80's that are in excellent shape. We added them to inventory and created box sets at a discounted price.

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Added Complete year boxed sets from 1970 to 1989. FREE SHIPPING

Added some issues that are Less Than Perfect at only $2.75 each. Type 'LTP'

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Even more year 2000 and newer issues added at only $2.

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Hugh Hefner's Playboy is truly a part of American History. These can make great gifts. Enter the year in the search box and then scroll down to your favorite issue. Many great authors are in these issues. Anniversary editions, Playboy Comics, Vargas girls and VIP magazines are all here.

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ANY year 2000 and newer is only $2 per issue. Calendars Ship FREE ! Boxed sets also ship FREE.

Currently ONLY buying 1950's issues if they are in EXCELLENT condition.

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