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I buy collections from individuals, estate sales, flea markets and wherever I can find them. Playboy magazines are out of print. There is no warehouse I can order from so you can see that there is no reliable source for restocking a particular issue. If you see an issue you want to buy I genuinely suggest you buy it. I'm picky about the quality of what I buy so that means I pass on garage kept water damaged issues. I only list the best ones I can find on here.

Here are my grading standards

G= Good. This means that the item is completly intact but may have slight yellowing from age or disolored staples in the case of issues prior to October 1985 (last stapled issue). Vintage Playboys will still go up in value.

VG = Very Good

Vintage Playboys are a great gift idea. Hugh Heffner's Playboy is a truly American company. Old Playboys are filled with famous authors. Playboys are out of print and going up in value. We have over 1200 issues of in-stock Old Playboys. 

Like New

This means it is completely flawless. It was taken out of its mailer and added to this collection. I did that to preserve the privacy of who I bought it from. Not being in the orginal mailer is the only reason I can't rightfully say it's 'Brand New'. Still being a vintage Playboy Magazine, this is the absolute BEST condition you can expect.

Announcements, notices and jibber jabber

November 6th. I recently acquired a collection in amazing condition. Some are in near mint condition. I just added 1961, 1962 and 1957. I'll be adding more from the 1950's over the next few days.

November 7: I just added 1955 in AMAZING condition. Search for 1955 and check them out !

November 11  Added 1956. 

November 13. Added 12 more issues of 1959.

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Hugh Heffner's Playboy is truly a part of American History. These can make great gifts. Pick a birth month and year or one with your favorite interview. Many geat authors are in these issues. Anniversary editions, Playboy Comics, Vargas girls and VIP magazines are all here.

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Currently buying 1950's issues.

How I buy. Tell me what you have WITH photos and a list. Value is determined by 2 things:Rarity and quality. Decent pictures are how I establish quality.

Once we agree on a price I send payment via PayPal. It's secure, guaranteed and fast. Most times you see the money in your account within a few minutes. Once you see verification of payment I expect shipment within 1-3 days and send me the tracking number.