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We've created a new sister site at collectibleplayboys.com!

It's a great way to search your favorite celebrity name to find the month and year when they appeared. Click the date and it'll take right to that issue. It'll show you price and availability . Right now the list is alphabetical so you'll have to scroll. We'll be adding a search function and some other fun stuff in the next few days.

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Now offering complete year boxed sets

We acquired 1100 issues from the 60's, 70's and 80's that are in excellent shape. We added them to inventory and created box sets at a discounted price. Just type 'boxed set' in the search box to see which years we have in stock right now. Great  gift.

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Just added more issues in GOOD condition at lower prices.

Now offering complete year sets from 1990-1999. Just search whichever year and it will appear among the single issues. Or type "1994 Complete" in the search. (1990-1999+complete in the search)

Added boxed sets from 1960 to 1969 at great prices and  FREE shipping !

Added 400+ issues in Like New condition 1970's,80's,90's and 00's.

Added 30 new vintage Newsstand special editions in AMAZING condition

Added 100 more issues from the 1950's

Added 20 more years of desk calendars in Like New condition at 50% Off (see below for code)

 We just added around 40 issues of Less Than Perfect issues. Some date back to the 1950's and 1960's. Type "LTP" in the search box to see what's available.

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Half Price Calendars ! Enter 'calendar50' coupon code at checkout.

We sell some issues that are Less Than Perfect at greatly reduced prices. Enter 'LTP' in the search to see what we have in stock.

Currently ONLY buying pre-1960 In excellent condition.

Grading Definitions for our Vintage Playboy Magazines



Like New: This is how you would see it sitting on a newsstand. The first thought is that it would be in perfect condition. While most are, some will have minor damage or scuffing to the top or bottom of the spine. This is simply from the distributor or store owner handling it to unbox and place it on the shelf. Centerfold is intact and in perfect condition.

Fine/Near Mint: Does not appear to have ever been read. Front and back covers are completely flawless. No scratches, folds, creases or blemishes of any type. The spine is also free of any scuffs or scratches. The delineator between FINE and NEAR MINT is that the staples on NEAR MINT will be in the best condition possible. In FINE condition the staples may show ageing but no rust. All inside pages will be flawless. The contents page and all others should be as white as possible considering the age of the magazine. The whiter they are, the more value the magazine carries. Centerfold is intact and in perfect condition.

Very Good: The issue has obviously been read and has a reasonable amount of handling evidence. Both covers should be free of any tears or folds. Some minor scuffing may be present. There should only be very small wrinkling near the staples but no tearing. All inside pages are intact and tight against the staples. Centerfold is completely flawless. No evidence of any humidity exposure. Sometimes we will add a plus or minus to the description for minor differences such as staple discoloration.

Good: The cover will have obvious signs of wear and be only slightly pulling from the staples. Ordinary fading on cover and inside pages are allowed but nothing extensive. All pages including centerfold will be intact. Some folding at the upper corners of the pages is allowed. The staples may be rusted or discolored. Wear along the spine or cover scuffing is permissible.

We don’t deal in issues in qualities less than the ones stated above. Sometimes the lower quality ones will arrive mixed in with collections we purchase. We put them on the site as LTP (Less Than Perfect) for around $2.75. This is for the folks that just need an article or interview since they still have a readability factor.

We ship every issue, no matter what the value, sleeved in archival quality 2 mil acid-free polypropylene with acid-free backer boards. 


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